Japan Is Selling "Zoo Jeans", Ripped by Lions, Tigers, and Bears

  • Posted 49 months Ago

In an effort to raise the funds to renovate the Kamine Zoo in Hitachi, Japan, supporters have launched a brand that creates jeans fashionably ripped by lions, bears, and tigers. Billed as "the only jeans on earth designed by dangerous animals", the appropriately named "Zoo Jeans" are made by attaching un-ripped pairs to tires and big rubber balls, tossing them into enclosures and leaving the animals to get to work.

Interested too see what the fashion crowd actually thinks of these jeans, The Guardian spoke to Mithun Romandani, a menswear buyer at Selfridges in London. "The rips are too sporadic," he said, adding that they "don't look natural." Doesn't sound like this trend will be taking off any time soon…

Source: Zoo Jeans
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