• New App Doesn't Let You See Your Photos Until 1 Hour Later
  • Posted 5 months ago by Jack Lowe · tech · 5629 Views
  • We've all done it. Our food arrives, we instantly pull our our smartphone to get the perfect shot and then spend about 10 minutes selecting the perfect Instagram filter and hashtags, completely ignoring the friends we're with in the meantime. In an attempt to stem this social faux-pax, a new app called 1-Hour Photo lets you take photos as normal, but doesn't actually let you see them until one hour later, much like the old "1 Hour Photo" film developing services.

    After the 60 minute wait, you'll also find that a cleanly-saturated filter has been added to your shot. "By the time you see your photos, the moments they've captured have already become memories, which changes how you feel about them forever," reads the blurb. "Nobody gets distracted in the moment by reviewing photos as they're being taken - your special moments remain all about the moments themselves. Nobody can veto a photo right after it's taken, since everyone has to wait an hour to see the results. Each photo becomes a little present to your future self. It's surprisingly exciting when the notification arrives telling you your photos are ready and you get to see what exactly you captured an hour or more ago."

    Download the app for yourself here.

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  • Primark Is Expanding To The US
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  • Good news for Americans who love cheap clothing - UK retailer Primark has announced plans to expand to the US. According to an article by Reuters, the fashion label will begin with a Boston location in 2015, adding ten more locations by the following spring. The move may prove tricky...
  • Video: The Futurama Intro In 3D
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  • Music Video: Perfume Genius - Queen
  • 5 months ago · music · 0 Comments · 2121 Views
  • Hot off the heels of announcing new album Too Bright and unveiling the lead single “Queen”, Perfume Genius has debuted these powerful visuals for the track. It’s directed by SSION and it’s pretty sensational.