Video: Monocle's Quality Of Life Survey 2014

  • Posted 48 months Ago

Culture and lifestyle magazine Monocle have released their 8th annual quality of life survey, highlighting the top 25 cities around the world to live in. As well as taking a look at the expected elements that make up a good city, such as reliable public transport, good schools and a low crime rate. Monocle have also taken into consideration the more subjective appeal and softer elements of these places, such as overall aesthetics, or whether you "can you get a glass of wine at 1 o clock in the morning." As they put it, "Finding the measure of a city is as much about the intangibles that light up a community as the infrastructure keeping it going."

Topping the list for 2014 are Melbourne, Tokyo and Copenhagen, while London fails to make it into the top 25. Watch what some of the Monocle staff have to say about the survey and some of the cities above, and find a comprehensive guide of the top 25 in the most recent issue of Monocle.