5 SoundCloud Alternatives

  • Posted 49 months Ago

Today (21 August) SoundCloud announced plans to introduce adverts for the first time in their seven years of existence, as well as planning a subscription service which will allow the listener to opt out of hearing the adverts. This is of course a natural progression for the increasingly popular company, and could well turn out to be incredibly successful for them and the artists/content creators it will benefit. However, with plenty of people already upset by the announcement, no doubt having been spoilt with an ad-free service for so long, we decided to take a look at what else the internet has to offer in terms of hosting and uploading your own music, mixes or audio. We’ve put together five alternatives we think are currently the best out there. All of them offer something slightly different to SoundCloud.


Probably the most like-for-like swap on this list, Bandcamp is already a hugely established and well loved site. We embed audio from it fairly regular on HUH. and use it as a source to find and discover new music - much like we do on SoundCloud. There are no ads to wade through while streaming albums or tracks, revenue is generated from taking a 10 - 15% cut from any sales made on the site. The only downside is that it’s just for original content, so no DJ mixes allowed!

Mixcrate and Mixcloud

The opposite of Bandcamp, Mixcrate and Mixcloud are purely for DJ mixes and playlists. Unlike SoundCloud you won’t have any copyright issues thanks to blanket license agreements they have with people like PRS. Both sites are perfect alternatives for any DJs on SoundCloud experiencing their mixes being taking down regularly.


Audioboo is a different beast altogether, institutions like the BBC, Sky Sports News and The Guardian all use the similar-to-SoundCloud wave form player to embed on their sites and apps. The BBC uses it to host snippets of radio shows, The Guardian uses it for podcasts and Sky Sports host short news reports. Probably not for your average SoundCloud user, but it’s filling a gap in the market for some people.


Yes we know they have ads too, but you can normally skip them after 5 seconds - and we know you might have trouble uploading mixes due to copyright issues, but for the sheer ease of use, familiarity and ability to search for anything simply and effectively, YouTube will always be a handy option to host any form of audio - especially original content.

Here at HUH. we still love and use SoundCloud regularly - as well as a number of the sites featured above - find us here for playlists, exclusive content and daily reposts of the best new music.

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