The Dream Job for Young British People Is Now a YouTube Vlogger

  • Posted 45 months Ago

According to a new survey by Tesco Mobile, the dream job of Brits aged between 16 and 25 is now a YouTube vlogger. The poll was conducted by Censuswide who, after asking 1,002 British people, discovered that 40% of would prefer to follow in the footsteps of YouTubers like Jim Chapman, Zoella, and Alfie Deyes. 6% said they would like to be a reality star and 34% said they would like a career in law or politics.

"In years gone by, the biggest stars were headhunted, groomed and trained by the Hollywood studios; now anyone with a webcam can become an icon," said a Tesco Mobile spokesperson. "From fashion to comedy skits, these self-made stars document their frolics and hobbies to an adoring fan-base. Vloggers are the big stars of today because they are normal people interacting with their fans about everyday life."

One in three of the people questioned said they are avid fans of YouTube vlogs, tuning in at least twice a week, with half of these saying they watched their favourite YouTube stars over ten times a week.

The news come following from the announcement that Tesco Mobile has teamed up with Jim Chapman to launch a new initiative to help aspiring vloggers on their way to stardom. Chapman will be judging video entries to the Enough Said Open Auditions, where people will have the chance to star in the next Tesco Mobile online ad campaign and receive 5,000 by uploading a 30 second video showing how they would entertain the world.

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