Listen: Rago Foot - Rago's Pieces

  • · Posted 42 months Ago
  •  BY Joe Reeve

Rago Foot, a frequent collaborator of Archy Marshall’s various internet guises, has uploaded twenty-minutes of trippy new music to his SoundCloud under the title Rago’s Pieces. The works are a woozy mix of instrumentals and rap seamlessly weaved together making for a mind-bending flow of impressive DIY production and confidently delivered vocals. It features the likes of MC Pinty, MVC, Jadasea, Tramp Fleece, Jesse James Solomon and Edgar the Breathtaker - some of which also featured with Rago on the excellent City Rivims MK 1 mixtape from earlier this year.

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Listen below. Follow Rago Foot over at SoundCloud for more of the same.

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