Slang - A Tinder-esque App for Sneakers

  • Posted 44 months Ago

For years now, many sneakerheads have opted for trading sneakers rather than paying cash, but finding other traders who are both reliable and trustworthy has always been a bit of a tricky process. A new app called Slang looks to simplify the whole procedure, offering a Tinder-like service where the user simply swipes the sneakers they like the look of. Slang will then continue to show you more styles based on what you've selected. Once you find a match for a sneaker trade, both users are given a pre-addressed package to ship the shoes to Slang, who then ship them on to the respective traders. The charge is $25 per trade.

The app isn't available in the App Store yet, but you can sign up on to be notified when it can be downloaded.

Source: Slang