A Life-Size Wax House That Gradually Melts by Artist Alex Chinneck

Artist Alex Chinneck, who created the sliding house, upside-down house, and the floating piazza in Covent Garden, has unveiled his latest creation - a two-storey house made almost entirely from wax. Using 8,000 wax brick, Chinneck built the house on Southwark Street in London, where it will gradually melt over its 30 day lifespan.

The sculpture is called "A pound of flesh for 50p" and is part of Merge Festival - an annual series of art, music and performances that focus on the heritage and culture of London's Bankside. Chinneck's piece celebrates the history of an old candle-making factory situated in the area for a few hundred years. If you want to go and check it out in person, it'll be on display up until 18 November, 2014.