Evolution Meets Photoshop

  • Posted 45 months Ago

Seoul-based artist Sarah DeRemer has utilised her Photoshop skills to create some bizarre new species of animals, some of which are undeniably cute, others are absolutely terrifying. "I'm definitely fascinated by the abilities of digital artists to create an unrealistic image that looks completely believable and seamless," she says. "Photo composites instantly look less realistic if you're composing them from photos that have different sources of light." After finding the right two images, she plays around with opacity and transforms certain areas to make sure everything lines up correctly. Our favourite is the adorable Dorca (dog and orca whale).

Above: Birboon

Above: A Tall Cold Beer

Above: Sleepy Pirdy

Above: Steagle

Above: Dorca

Above: Shider

Above: Rankey

Above: Hedgippo

Above: Tapir Shark

Above: Peruvian Llioma

Above: Meeraffe

Above: A Little Bit

Above: Laughing Hamstyna

Above: Hairless Pit

Above: Doffalo

Above: Fierce Schnowlzer

Source: Co. Create