A Billionaire Is Planning A $170 Million Island for the Hudson River

  • Posted 44 months Ago

The New York Times is reporting that billionaire businessman Barry Diller is planning to build his own island in Manhattan's Hudson River. The total cost of the 2.4 acre island is $170 million, $140m of which Diller plans to raise himself, with an additional $40m coming from the city, the state, and other donors.

The structure would sit on 300 concrete pylons, giving the appearance that the island is floating between 15 and 70 feet above the water. A curved surface will also allow the designers to mimic the rise and fall of natural land, as well as letting sunlight reach the water below, enhancing the possibility for marine life to take up home among the pylons.

If all goes well and permission is granted from the Army Corp of Engineers and New York State's Department of Environmental Conservation, the project could begin sometime in 2016.