A Working Turntable Made Out Of LEGO

  • · Posted 39 months Ago
  •  BY Joe Reeve

Hayarobi, a Korean lego enthusiast, has made a fulling working, totally legitimate turntable out of LEGO. It consist of 2,405 pieces and is named ‘The Planet’. It's powered by a LEGO Power Functions Battery Box and uses a LEGO Power Functions M-Motor, leaving the only component which is not made out of LEGO to be the Audio Technica phono cartridge.

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For the recent 2014 Seoul Brick Pop Art Exhibition Hayarobi really pushed the boat out by also crafting a matching LEGO tube amp and cases for the speakers. Take a look at it above.

Watch the turntable in action below. Note the brilliant use of mini LEGO tires as the counterweight for the player’s tonearm!

Photo: LoctiteGirl

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