Underwater Cities Could Be A Reality By 2030

  • Posted 43 months Ago

Japanese construction company Shimizu Corporation have come up with an underwater city concept which they say could become a reality as early as 2030. Named the "Ocean Spiral", the city would take the form of a floating water-tight dome containing businesses, homes, and hotels. In particularly rough and stormy weather, the dome could submerge beneath the surface.

Underneath the main dome there would be a 9-mile tall helical structure built using industrial size 3D printers and resin components. Reaching all the way down to the seabed, this area would be used to create an "earth factory" where natural resources could be harvested for both energy and materials.

According to the Japanese company, micro-organisms could be used to turn carbon-dioxide into methane, while changes in seawater temperature could be used to make energy and hydraulic pressure could turn seawater into fresh drinking water.

If everything goes to plan, the Shimizu Corporation could begin work on the project in 2025, completing it in 2030 at a cost of £16 billion.