Spindly-Legged Plant Pots by Tim van de Weerd

  • Posted 45 months Ago

Dutch designer Tim van de Weerd has given plants a triffid-like new life with his new "Monstera" pots, featuring long spindly-legs inspired by the plant's own roots. "The design shows a fascinating tension between stillness and movement and between the organic and industrial," says Weerd, who used a combination of steel and epoxy clay to create the pots.

"The fragile-looking legs of the Monstera are made of steel bars. These are bent by hand until the 'roots' of the plant and covered with epoxy clay," he says. "This industrial, chemical clay hardens itself. Big bumps are primed, sanded and finally everything is covered by a thick layer high gloss lacquer."

The "Monstera" pots are available to purchase with price on request.