Label Picks: Aesop

  • · Posted 38 months Ago
  •  BY Joe Reeve

Aesop are steadily growing to be one of our favourite new labels here at HUH. They started off life by releasing SOHN’s coveted debut single “The Wheel” back in 2012, and then waited almost a whole year before finding the right stuff for their second release. This time consuming, caring, and won’t settle for anything less than spectacular approach to curating the label is what makes it so great. Each time something new comes out, you have to take notice.

The label is now 2 years old and has just released it’s sixth record, the debut EP from Sylas. The label’s founder Adam told us a bit about how he initially got involved with them.

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I spend far too much time on the internet and for the most part, i come across exciting new music everyday. Much of what Aesop has put out so far has relied on the fortuitous circumstances of being introduced to the right people at the right time and letting my enthusiasm take over. Sylas on the other hand was one of those instances where I came across something on Soundcloud, dropped them a line to introduce myself and the next thing they’re on the phone telling me about some other project they’re working on which had a connection to Brian Eno!

In fact, the first time they called I ignored it. I’d emailed them and they’d decided to call me but I was too busy to chat so just assumed they’d email me later. They called again the next day and after then learning about this new project they had in mind called ‘Sylas’ and how they’d worked with Eno, needless to say I was pretty excited.

They sent me a bunch of tracks, each one more exciting than the next but it’s easy to caught up when you’re thrown into the deep end with a load of new music. I’d picked out a couple which i thought would really work as a first release on Aesop and asked if they’d like to work together. I was sitting at home, again with another six or seven tracks they’d sent me when this one song stood right out and that was Shore, which became the EP’s lead track. Those moments where you’re already excited about what you have on your hands, you don’t think there’s anything else that can top the last and then when it does, it just becomes so obvious. It was how I felt when I worked with SOHN on Aesop’s first release, after listening to a bunch of tracks, The Wheel was mixed amongst a few others songs - it’s that lightbulb moment but more like being hit over the head with it rather than it floating politely above you.

Because of their previous working relationship with Eno we were fortunate enough to have him feature on the closing track of the EP alongside newcomer Jelani Blackman. As debut releases go, it shows a lot of what the Sylas boys are capable of, with it only being released a matter of weeks ago and given how genuinely friendly, hard working and prolific they are, 2015 is going to be good to them.

I’m glad they called me back.

The Shore EP is out now. Grab it from Aesop here.

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