Spotify Study Unveils The Best Music To Have Sex To

  • Posted 45 months Ago

A study commissioned by Spotify and performed by music psychologist Dr. Daniel Müllensiefen has unveiled that the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, which includes a track sung by Patrick Swayze, is the most unanimously agreed upon as the best music to have sex to. Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" took second place on the top list with Ravel's "Bolero" coming in at third. The study interviewed 2,000 people aged between 18 and 91 years old, with an almost equal gender split.

"The fact that Dirty Dancing has come top on the list of the best tracks to play during sex for both men and women is due to the fact that most people have a good knowledge of songs that represent romance, and these tend to be from cultural references such as film," said Müllensiefen when speaking about the study. "People use this music to not only communicate their intentions in a romantic situation but to directly alter the mood during an encounter."

He also discovered that over 40% of people felt the music listened to during sex was more likely to turn them on than the touch or feel of their partner.

"It is no surprise that so many respondents claimed to find music arousing in the bedroom," he added. "From neuro-scientific research we know that music can activate the same pleasure centres of the brain that also respond to much less abstract rewards such as food, drugs or indeed sex."

Top 20 tracks to play during sex:

1. Dirty Dancing - Anything from the soundtrack
2. Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing
3. Ravel - Bolero
4. Berlin - Take My Breath Away
5. Barry White - Anything from his collection
6. Marvin Gaye - Let’s Get It On
7. Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody
8. Celine Dion - Titanic Soundtrack / My Heart Will Go On
9. Serge Gainsbourg - Je T`aime
10. Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love you
11. Aerosmith - Don`t Want To Miss A Thing
12. Kings Of Leon - Sex On Fire
13. Rodgers & Hammerstein - Sound of Music
14. Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture
15. Grease - Grease soundtrack
16. Donna Summer - I Feel Love
17. Boys To Men - I’ll Make Love To You
18. ABBA - Mama Mia
19. Tom Jones - Sex Bomb
20. Star Wars - Anything form the soundtrack

Source: Spotify
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