A McDonald's Has Opened Disguised As A Hipster Cafe

  • Posted 43 months Ago

McDonald's has opened a new restaurant in the suburb of Camperdown, Sydney, which has been carefully disguised as a hipster cafe serving filter coffee, porridge and poached pear, pulled pork sandwiches, and fresh quinoa salads. According to McDonald's, the cafe, named The Corner, will act as a lab where it can test out new menu items before rolling them out across other stores.

The staff have a uniform of relaxed chambray shirts and dark jeans while the interior has classic trendy touches such as a white tiled wall and an inside herb garden. All of the McDonald's branding has been removed apart from a tiny "McCafe" logo which features below the sign outside and on the front of takeaway bags.

The cafe is part of McDonald's new $1 billion remodelling strategy, which will see it move towards a healthier menu with features such as "create your own gourmet burger" and table service. "We will build another three of these before the end of the year and test and learn and listen to our customers," said Andrew Gregory, chief executive of McDonald's in Australia. "McDonald's is innovating and changing again to meet the needs of our customers. All of our innovations have been led by Australians. What we're really doing here is just what our customers have asked us to do. An important part of our new learning lab restaurants is that we take customers along the journey with us and get their feedback - we want to make sure Maccas restaurants of the future are what Aussies ordered."