12 People Shot Dead at Paris Satirical Magazine "Charlie Hebdo"

  • Posted 41 months Ago

French police are reporting that 12 people have been shot dead after two masked gunmen stormed the Paris HQ of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. French President Francois Hollande has already commented on the attack, calling the deadly shooting a "terrorist attack" and adding that other terrorism-related attacks have been prevented in recent weeks.

Bloomberg reports that an additional 20 people have been injured, 4 of which are in a critical condition. A witness to the shooting, Benoit Bringer, told the iTele network that "he saw multiple masked men armed with automatic weapons at the newspaper" and added that they spoke "broken French". These men then fled in two vehicles and are currently still at large.

According to thejournal.ie, police said that during the attack the gunmen shouted "We have avenged the prophet."

The attack has prompted France to raise its alert status to the highest level and Hollande has called an emergency meeting. "France is in a state of shock after this terrorist attack," said the President. "An act of exceptional barbarity has been perpetrated against a newspaper, against liberty of expression, against journalists."

Photo: A screenshot from a video currently circulating of the attack.

Source: The Guardian