Willow - A Dating App That Doesn't Center Around Your Looks

  • Posted 42 months Ago

Willow is a new app that approaches online dating in an entirely different way, prompting users to answer three questions - all written by other users - which will spark up conversation, rather than just basing everything on looks. Users can then decide when they want to share photos with other users, if at all.

This approach, which is seen as hugely refreshing by much of the dating community, has seen Willow dubbed the "anti-Tinder" for its focus on social interaction. "You can match with a bunch of people that you think are good looking but you don’t really know much about them until you start talking to them," said 24-year-old founder Michael Bruch when speaking to TIME. "If I’m going to spend time with someone I want to know that we have something to talk about–that’s what’s important to me."

"It’s become more about social discovery than strictly dating. If you just want to get on an have a casual conversation about video games you can, and you can also use it to spark up a romantic conversation with someone that’s less than 30 miles away.

Willow is available to download for free via the Apple App Store.

Source: The Willow App
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