The Top 10 Highest Earning Sneaker Resellers

Sneaker reselling is big business these days, with sneakerheads willing to camp out for days on end to grab the latest Nike release, throwing it up on eBay minutes later. Here, sneaker data site Campless has put together the top 25 eBay sellers from 2014, the highest earning of which managed to clear $2.71 million (1.77 million). The best selling model across all resellers was (by a huge degree) the Nike Air Jordan, which took 13 of the 15 top spots. The other two went to the Nike Yeezy 2 Red October (which made the list even though only 17 pairs were sold, with an average price of $3,868) and the Air Foamposite Air Yeezy.

Here are the top 10 eBay sneaker resellers in 2014:

1. solesupremacysales: $2.71 million
2. thecoolshoeshine: $1.79 million
3. uniqosolecom: $300,000
4. ezsneakers12: $260,000
5. iconic_footwear: $250,000
6. richledge: $250,000
7. croatianstyle: $230,000
8. soleoriginal: $220,000
9. calikicks949: $220,000
10. sneakertique: $220,000

Read the full article on Campless where there's even more data.

Source: Campless