The Great Wide Open - A Book of Outdoor and Landscape Photography

  • · Posted 36 months Ago
  •  BY Jack Lowe

Gestalten has published a hefty hardback book of landscape and outdoor photography aptly titled The Great Wide Open. Shot all across the world, from Iceland to Australia, the book truly takes you on a journey through some of Earth's most breathtaking places. Accompanying pieces on the subjects of "Challenge", "Risk" and "Silence" makes this the perfect read for the modern adventurer.

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"Lose yourself amidst endless horizons, within the depths of a forest, or on a mountain peak," says Gestalten. "An inspiring exploration of natural wonders, the book also includes a few stories from the people behind the lens—ordinary people who set out to do extra-ordinary things."

The Great Wide Open is available now from Amazon for 45.

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