A Photography App That Works Like a Disposable Camera

  • Posted 39 months Ago

There's no doubt that digital photography has its pros, but still, there was something quite nice about living in the analog age, using disposable cameras to capture our holidays and trips and not knowing what we had managed to capture until the prints came back a few days later. That's where a new app called Disposable Camera comes in, which aims to bring part of that experience to your iPhone.

Just like a real disposable camera, you can't see your photos after you've taken them and you're limited to a set number of 27 shots. Once you've filled your "roll" of film, the app automatically uploads your shots and 10 business days later you'll receive a set of high-quality 4x6" prints in the post at a cost of $13 (approx. 9).

You can download the Disposable Camera app now on iTunes.