A Pop-Up Shop Is Charging Women 76 Cents for Every Man's Dollar

  • Posted 39 months Ago

In honour of National Equal Pay Day, graphic designer Elana Schlenker is launching a pop-up shop in Pittsburg called 76<100, which charges women 76% of the retail price while men pay full whack. The decision recognises the fact that, on average, women who work full-time jobs in Pennsylvania earn just 76 cents for every dollar a man makes, which basically means women have to work two extra days per week to make the same amount as men.

"It's incredible how deeply unconscious biases still permeate the ways in which we perceive (and value) women versus men," says Schlenker. "I hope the shop's pricing helps to underscore this inherent unfairness and to create space for people to consider why the wage gap still exists."

To help out even further, the shop only sells products made by independent women artists. "Most of them feel the way that I do," continues Schlenker. "I just keep reading article after article about the wage gap, about how undervalued women are in the workplace, about the underrepresentation of women in company board of directors, executive positions, and government, and it just blows my mind. This is a small way that I can do something about it, and I think many of the artists involved are coming from a similar place."

The pop-up shop will also potentially be hitting the road, travelling to different cities and renaming itself and its changing its retail strategy depending on the wage gap of that particular city. For example, a New Orleans shop would be called 66<100. To follow her journey and give your support, head over to the website.

Source: Less Than 100
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