A Photo Series Showing How Much Earth Gets Blasted Away To Extract Diamonds

  • · Posted 35 months Ago
  •  BY Jack Lowe

As one of of the world's rarest precious stones, its no surprise that a lot of earth has to be excavated to find diamonds, but photographer Dillon Marsh has attempted to quantify the mining process in a new series called For What It's Worth. In each image, Marsh has done the mathematics to work out exactly how much diamond, on average, would have been found in each mine, using the end figure insert a CGI stone right in the middle of the landscape.

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Take a look at the series below and you can find more of Dillon Marsh's work here.

Above: Kimberly Mine (1874-1914) - 14.5 million carats of diamonds extracted

Koffiefontein Mine (1870 - 2014) - 7.6 million carats of diamonds extracted

Jagersfontein Mine (1871 - 1969) - 9.52 million carats of diamonds extracted

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