Joy Division Fan Plans To Turn Ian Curtis's Home Into a Museum

  • Posted 36 months Ago

A Joy Division fan has purchased the home where lead singer Ian Curtis killed himself in 1980, announcing that he plans to turn it into a museum "to raise awareness into one of the most seminal bands in the history of contemporary music."

The buyer, Hadar Goldman, said he bought the house after he discovered a sale was already in progress to another private buyer, forcing him to pay an additional 75,000 on top of the original 115,000 asking price in order to reverse the transaction.

"Although I paid 190,000 – nearly double the asking price – I felt as if I had to get involved, especially after hearing the plight of fans who had failed to raise the necessary funds to buy the house owned and lived in by one of the musical heroes of my youth," Goldman said. "It will be developed using both heart and soul. The Joy Division heritage is one that needs preserving for fans around the world. When the time comes, we will welcome the input and ideas of anyone interested in being part of such an exciting project, commemorating a meaningful part of musical history."

Curtis, who suffered from both epilepsy and depression, took his life in the kitchen of the home aged just 23 and, while most people support the plans to turn it into a memorial, Joy Division guitarist and New Order member Bernard Sumner has said he's unsure about the decision as it may end up being "a monument to suicide".

Photo: Google Maps