These Visions of the UK's Future Were Voted The Most Likely To Happen in the Next 100 Years

  • Posted 36 months Ago

To promote its new series Impossible Engineering, television channel Yesterday asked four architecture and engineering experts to draw up a list of predictions about the future landscape of London and the UK, before asking 2,000 people which they think are most likely to become reality within the next 100 years. The top three were then turned into computer-generated renders, showing us the potential prospects of the country.

Rather surprisingly, a gigantic six-storey basement under the House of Commons was voted most likely to become a reality, followed by floating cities off the country's coast. In third place were high-rise farms, supplying food to the expanding urban population. Other ideas that didn't make the cut include 3D-printed homes, spaceports with "easy access" to the Moon or Mars, cities in the sky, and underwater homes.

Yesterday's series Impossible Engineering premieres tonight at 9pm.