A 42,000 Square-Foot Rooftop Farm in New York

  • · Posted 34 months Ago
  •  BY Jack Lowe

As part of a $10 million renovation project, a 42,000 square-foot rooftop in Long Island City, New York, has been transformed into a fully functioning urban farm. The project was completed by Bromley Caldari Architects, who worked alongside Acumen Capital Partners & Brooklyn Grange LLC to completely overhaul the 300,000 square-foot building, which now features a wide range of media, architecture, design, and printing companies.

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To make the farm a reality, almost a million pounds of soil was spread out across the roof, making it one of the largest rooftop agricultural systems in the world. Not only does the farm act as a source of local food, but it also gives staff a place to relax and escape from the busy streets below.

Photos: Bromley Caldari

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