'Here Earbuds' Allow You to Control the Frequency of the Sounds You Hear

  • Posted 36 months Ago

US company Doppler Labs has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their ‘Here Earbuds’ - a set of wireless earbuds which let you control the frequency of the sounds you hear. They can also be used to filter out unwanted sounds, as well as manipulating or boosting ones you want to hear, creating what they call an “interactive listening system”.

The ‘Here Earbuds’ contain a digital signal processor which connects to an app that functions as a remote control. The app comes with a number of presets which help to filter out unwanted sounds, such as a baby crying, a jet engine or general chatter. There are also preset filters which can enhance the music you hear by tinkering with the EQ levels, volume and adding effects like reverb or bass.

The Kickstarter campaign has already reached it’s goal of $250,000, and it still has almost a full month left to run. You can pre-order a pair of ‘Here Earbuds’ for the discounted price of $179 from Kickstarter.

Watch the the campaign video to find out more below.