Winners of the iPhone Photography Awards 2015

  • Posted 35 months Ago

The winners of the 2015 iPhone Photography Awards have been announced, with Polish photographer Michał Koralewski taking home 1st place for his atmospheric black-and-white shot of an accordionist playing traditional Polish songs. A further 19 photographers won their respective categories, which range from "Travel" and "Lifestyle" all the way through to everyone's favourite iPhone shot - "Sunsets". You can see the winning photo above and some of our other favourite category winners below.

You can see all the winners and runners up here.

Above: 1st Place, Photographer of the Year. Michał Koralewski. Koziegłowy, Poland.

Above: 2nd Place, Photographer of the Year. David Craik, Surrey, United Kingdom.

Above: 3rd Place, Photographer of the Year. Yvonne Lu, New York, United States.

Above: 1st Place – Animals. Sephi Bergerson, Goa, India.

Above: 1st Place – Architecture. Christian Frank, Stuttgart, Germany.

Above: 1st Place – Flowers. Amy Paterson, Cape Town, South Africa.

Above: 1st Place – Landscape. Chris Belcina, Cooper City, FL United States.

Above: 1st Place – Lifestyle. Fabio Alvarez, Pichincha, Ecuador.

Above: 1st Place – News/Events. Jesse Alkire, Chicago, IL United States.

Above: 1st Place – Others. Jose Luis Saez Martinez, Valencia, Spain.

Above: 1st Place – Portrait. Daniele Colombera, Los Angeles, CA United States.