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  • Google Introduces OnHub Wireless Router
  • 1 week ago · tech · 1 Comment · 2358 Views
  • As part of its ongoing mission to people across the world with better internet connections, Google has introduced OnHub - a wireless router with increased security, reliability, and usability all wrapped up in a simple and sleek design. Google says the device's software will also...
  • Google Introduces Project Soli
  • 3 months ago · tech · 0 Comments · 7871 Views
  • Touchscreens are great, allowing us to intuitively scroll or flick through digital books and photo albums, but Google is trying to take things one step further. Last Friday, the company's lab for advanced projects demonstrated a new technology it's been working on that allows users...
  • Apple Named The Greenest Tech Company In The World
  • 3 months ago · tech · 1 Comment · 3412 Views
  • Greenpeace has named Apple the greenest large tech company in the world, beating companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft to the top spot. In recent years, CEO Tim Cook has made a major push to make the company eco-friendly,...