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  • Video: Mo:vel Presents "Ginga"
  • 1 week ago · culture · 0 Comments · 3848 Views
  • Fresh new footwear brand Mo:vel has teamed up with filmmaker Mollie Mills for a short film called Ginga, giving us a unique insight into the lives of four young Brazilians.
  • An 8K Video of Patagonia's Beautiful Landscapes
  • 2 months ago · film · 0 Comments · 5411 Views
  • Patagonia 8K is a beautiful new video shot in an astonishing 8K and showcasing the stunning landscapes of southern Chile and Argentina. The footage was shot using a medium format DSLR combined with Pentax 25mm f4, Pentax 55mm...
  • Take a Midnight Skate Through Paris
  • 2 months ago · film · 0 Comments · 5787 Views
  • Inspired by a poem by Christopher Pearse Cranch, directors Jonayd Cherifi and Marin Troude have created a two-minute short film called Night And The Soul which takes us on a midnight skate through Paris. The dreamy film follows skater Tristan Hťlias as he hits up the Rue de Rennes...