• Goodbye for Good, Jerry Hsu
  • Posted 55 months ago by Jonnie Craig · Art & Design · 14298 Views
  • To celebrate the opening of Goodbye for Good, an exhibition of photographs by the undisputed king of irony, Jerry Hsu, Vice Italy has produced an exhibition catalogue in a hand numbered edition of 250. The catalogue contains a selection of the usual oddity to be expected from Hsu, but also depicts loneliness and suffering of various sorts; a subject which Hsu appears fascinated by. Earlier this year Jerry launched another of his many cell phone photo blogs called A Table For One, for which he photographs anyone he sees dining alone. Although the subject matter seems sinister, the photographs feel like a token of admiration as opposed to simply about poking fun.

    If you are interested in getting your hands on a copy, it's not going to be easy as it was a free giveaway at the opening. However, I know that Jerry hung on to a bunch of them and is planning to drop some into a few book stores; so look out for that.

    Due to its success, the show will now run until the end of January instead of December as it was listed. Head over to the Vice Gallery in Milan at Via Giacomo Watt, 32 20143, Milano.


    • Fuck, I WANT
    • grease-lightning Posted 55 months ago · 26 Reply
    • That cat paw photo has always been a favorite of mine
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    • this looks great
    • brian Posted 55 months ago · 65 Reply
    • Is that September 11 photo real or photo shopped? Could someone please explain that? Thankyou.
    • James From Miami Posted 50 months ago · 56 Reply
    • Real
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