Fuck Friends, Leo Fitzpatrick

  • Posted 93 months Ago

New York skateboarder Leo Fitzpatrick first came to light after gaining the attention of photographer and - at the time - aspiring film maker Larry Clark. Larry became fascinated by Leo's flashes of rage and violence in reaction to falling off his skateboard. Shortly after the pair were introduced, the cult classic flim Kids went into production with Leo cast as the lead role; a virgin hungry teen oblivious to the fact that he was an AIDS carrier.

Alongside his acting career, Leo ventured into making art, venting his apparently angry mind. His latest series, Fuck Friends; a collaborative project featuring the likes of Dash Snow, Rita Ackermann, Dan Colen and Neck Face among many reputable others was published by OHWOW to coincide with his exhibition with the A.S.S. Gallery in New York. The collages express, in a childlike manner, many different scattered messages formed out of newspaper clippings, porn mag cuttings, written words and jokes.

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