The Strongest of the Strange, Pontus Alv

  • Posted 96 months Ago

For any skateboarder, Malmo based Pontus Alv needs no introduction. However, for the unenlightened; Pontus is a skateboarder who became known not only for his abilities on a board but also for building DIY skateparks. The release of his 2005 video The Strongest of the Strange found itself responsible for inspiring skateboarders from all over the world to build their own skateparks; an activity embraced and supported by Pontus to this day, having just finished another of his many parks.

As a celebration of this video - albeit fairly belated - Pontus has released a collectors edition of the cult independent skate video. The package contains a selection of unique artworks created by Pontus with life long friend and photographer Nils Svensson, who became known for photographing the origins of this growing scene.

There are only two packages left for auction; click here for more details.