Dayanita Singh

  • · Posted 87 months Ago
  •  BY Jack Lowe

Although Indian photographer Dayanita Singh shot the vast majority of her work with black-and-white film in the past - calling it "the most fragile form of art" - in recent years she has been experimenting with the possibilities of colour, using it to produce intensely saturated, lush images of the seemingly everyday. Over the years Singh has also released a number of photographic books, each produced in a way which purposefully alters the viewer's perspective. 'Go Closer Away', a book published in 2007, contains no text at all (let alone captions), making it immediately difficult to identify the abstract subject matter.

Singh's work has always been notoriously hard to purchase and she's always held it very close to her chest, choosing publishers and galleries very carefully - she will only publish her books with Steidl and she is currently represented by the well-respected Frith Street Gallery in London. In over 26 years of photography, there have only ever been 106 prints available to buy.

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