Per Englund ? Life Geos On

  • Posted 110 months Ago

On a recent trip to Sweden I was lucky enough to be given Per Englund?s new book Life Geos On (that?s actually how the title is spelt). I need to nerd out a little bit here; it?s increasingly rare to find photo books with such high quality when it comes to the design, the actual execution of the book and last but not (in any way) least: it's content. The book itself isn't particularly wide, which normally causes problems for photo books because you can't open them properly to see the full picture, Mr Englund has thought of this; the spine isn't glued to the outer cover so it opens right out (see the picture at the bottom if you can't make sense of that). Ok, let?s get past the ?OMG check out the amazing binding and paper quality? phase and actually look at the pictures inside. Life Geos On is a heart-warming black and white photo diary that Per shot during his travels to Cape Town over a period of seven years. Normally, photographic work from Africa has that ?white guy in a poor country? vibe but this little gem of a book is filled with pictures that could have been taken anywhere in the world, only they happen to have been taken in South Africa, which is refreshing. Per seems to generally focus on the smaller things in life, the things that make life a little bit more enjoyable, finding the best in every possible situation. Quality is a good word to sum it all up with and you?re lucky because his book should soon be available in a well-assorted art bookshop near you.