Darren's Great Big Camera

  • Posted 90 months Ago

A new short documentary from Sultan follows photographer Darren Samuelson on a journey out to San Francisco's Lands End to test out his giant handmade camera, which shoots on 14 x 36" negatives and measures 6ft in length.

"There was no design in place. It seemed easier for my head to build the camera one section at a time. The bellows were first. I had to move my couch and almost everything else out of my apartment’s living room just so I could lay the material flat and glue everything together. Two weeks of hard labour, windows open, and contact cement everywhere. When it was time to fold the bellows down, they wouldn’t go. I tried all kinds of things, clamps, taping them to the floor, coffee, nothing worked, I had measured incorrectly. All that time was wasted with exception to the hard lesson. The next day, I ordered more of the materials and 3 weeks later, I had my bellows. From the bellows, I built the rear portion of the camera, then the front, the rails, etc. I used my 4×5 and 8×10 cameras as reference for building the different sections. Construction time was about seven months, although I still don’t consider it done. There were so many design ideas that I tried, and now laugh at, but that’s just part of the process."

Watch the video below.