Before Things Change - Seth Fluker

  • Posted 107 months Ago

I've never been a big fan of conceptual, abstract photography. I like a photograph to tell me a story and, generally speaking, a picture of a white wall that comes with a 10,000-word essay, explaining the meaning and thought processes behind it, makes me want to jump off a cliff. It's rare to find an abstract work of art that visually reflects the artist's intentions. In my opinion, the artwork is the statement and should be able to stand alonein making a point. An integral element to a work?s success is its ability to create a personal connection with its audience and provoke thoughts and reactions. Still, despite my general dislike, I've fallen in love with a conceptual and abstract photo book.

This week I received Seth Fluker's latest release Before Things Change. It contains fourteen colour photographs of a sink he glares down at daily, while washing dishes to pay the bills. As opposed to most abstract photography, Seth's messages are simple and easy to relate to. This book is about dreams and finding bliss within even the shittiest of conditions. My personal favourite picture in the series is the special fold out spread Sink # 0957. It looks like Seth flew in to space on a Leica spaceship with a pocket full of LSD. It blows my mind how that photograph can possibly be of a sink full of half eaten food and industrial washing up chemicals.

As Seth's girlfriend said it best in the foreword, ''When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade.''

This book is available to buy in our bookshop.