Anna Ter Haar

  • Posted 106 months Ago

Graduating from the well-known Netherlandish design school Design Academy Eindhoven in June 2007, Anna Ter Haar's fashion and furniture work instantly received huge press coverage, forcing her into the public spotlight.

Her recent material research led her on to projects like Buitenbeentje, in which she replaces legs of chairs with multi-coloured, wax-like polyurethan casting resin, and further, to her latest project Cinderella's Chair.

Cinderella's Chair takes her research and desire to distort our common conceptions to a whole new level, using highly strengthened blown glass, in collaboration with the Glass Museum, to prop up or replace missing parts of chairs. The result is rather disquieting and extraordinary; obviously the internship she did at Raf Simons has given her a taste for the spectacle, creating something entirely out-of-the-ordinary to give us a new perspective on boring items.

In the foreseeable future Anne is going to continue working like this in all her mediums, collaborating with more inspiring designers and institutions. Until her next project is released, you can buy these pieces directly from her studio -