Curated By: Emeric Glayse

  • Posted 104 months Ago

Emeric Glayse, founder of nofound, is an exhibition and book curator currently living in France.

"An erotic scrapbook, something like a nude moodboard, or maybe just the naked pictures I would love to have on my walls. I bring together pictures by amateur, emerging and pro photographers to build a subjective inventory in real-time of the image of the body. The first paper edition of Ne te prom?ne donc pas toute nue! will be available the 29th of April 2010."

Photographer, in order of appearance, left to right:

Ana Kras, Daria Kroft, Richard Kern, Tod Seelie, Kristie Muller, Ed Templeton, Hasisi Park, Viviane Sassen, Lina Scheynius, Linus Bill.