Hollaback LDN

Hollaback LDN ? a movement dedicated to ending street harassment ? are working on an iPhone App and they need your help. Please donate as much as you can before 28 May!

  • · Posted 101 months Ago
  •  BY Jack Lowe

"HollabackLDN lets women Holla back at street harassers! London is not a playground for pervy dudes to call out at us when we're going about our daily business! So stop walkin' on and ignoring it and Hollaback: send us pics of street harassers and tell us your story..."

Hollaback LDN is an associate of HollabackNYC and is set up to encourage Londoners to acknowledge and respond to street harassment in our city. Their aim is to discourage patronising, intimidating and threatening behaviour towards women and to encourage victims to respond to these harassers and tell their stories. "We intend to create solidarity among men and women within our communities by having people share their experience on our site."

HollabackLDN has a 'Submit your Story' button which will make it simple and easy to upload and share your experiences and photos of street harassers. Once up and running HollabackLDN will have links to the other Hollaback sites around the world, important blogs, advice and articles.

In the meantime, please donate as much as you can towards the Hollaback iPhone App ? they need to raise $12,500 by 28 May or they don't get a penny ? so help out!


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