A clear version of Coca-Cola is being released in Japan

Back in the ’90s, both Pepsi and Coca-Cola decided to experiment with clear versions of their popular drink, naming them Crystal Pepsi and Tab Clear respectively. While the sugary beverages no doubt found niche followings, like most things do, they were pretty quickly scrapped, but now, three decades later, Coca-Cola has decided to revisit the “clear cola” idea.

Unlike before, the new “Coca-Cola Clear” will be zero calorie and will taste slightly different, with the base formula including a touch more lemon.

Sadly for anyone who remembers Tab Clear, the new beverage is only going to launch in Japan, a country that also has dibs on Coke’s alcoholic drinks. If you’re in Japan, or visiting soon, the drink will be launching from this Monday, 11 June.

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