A laptop infected with six of the world’s worst viruses has sold for $1.3m

Image: Guo O Dong

Artist Guo O Dong has worked alongside cyber-security company Deep Instinct to create a new artwork called “The Persistence of Chaos”.

It takes the form of a 10-year-old Samsung NC10 laptop which has been infected with six of the most destructive pieces of malware in history. Named WannaCry, BlackEnergy, ILOVEYOU, MyDoom, SoBig, and DarkTequila, the viruses have reportedly caused over $100 billion in damage during their existence. Luckily, this particular laptop has been isolated, its ports disabled, and air-gapped to prevent any potential spread of the malware.

“These pieces of software seem so abstract, almost fake with their funny, spooky names, but I think they emphasize that the web and IRL are not different spaces,” said Guo when speaking to VICE. “Malware is one of the most tangible ways that the internet can jump out of your monitor and bite you.”

The piece sold at auction for $1.345 million USD.

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