A useless, leaky mug to commemorate Brexit

Photo: Lee Cartledge

To commemorate Brexit, North Yorkshire-based potter Lee Cartledge has decided to sum up the negotiations with a single, leaky mug.

The design, which was shared on the Facebook page for Bentham Pottery, show the word Brexit cut completely out of the side, essentially making the mug useless.

“I uploaded a photo of a mug I’d thrown & decorated on a whim yesterday to Facebook and jokingly captioned it ‘Limited edition commemorative Brexit mug available from 29th March 2019’,” says Cartledge. “By complete coincidence, it happened to be the same day that UK and EU negotiators come up with a draft Brexit agreement. Somewhat to my surprise, it has provoked lots of responses. (I was only expecting a few sarcy comments from mates.)”

He goes on to say that he originally had no intention of making it commercially, because it’s actually much more time consuming than his usual designs, but due to the high level of interest he’s decided to create a limited edition of 100, which are now available here for £80 (£10 of which will be donated to the Motor Neurone Disease Association).

“I am thinking of donating one to my local MP, a Mr Julian Smith, aka the Chief Whip – he’ll be in need of a strong Yorkshire brew at the moment,” he adds.

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