Adobe might be releasing a full iPad version of Photoshop

Image courtesy of Pixabay

While Apple desperately wants the iPad to be a full desktop replacement, the lack of certain apps on iOS doesn’t really make that feasible for many users.

A new development at Adobe may start to change that though, as according to reports the company is working on a “full-fat version” of Photoshop specifically for iPad.

If the reports are correct, the official announcement from Adobe is set for October this year, with full release expected sometime in 2019. A cross-platform edition of Photoshop has been confirmed by Scott Belsky, chief product officer for Creative Cloud.

Adobe does currently offer a number of image editing apps for iOS, although those of you have used them will know they’re not really anything like the desktop version and, if you want to do some proper edits, you’ll still need to send the image to your laptop first. Apps like VSCO and Snapseed are also more intuitive for mobile users and are the preferred option for many Instagrammers and amateur photographers. This new iPad friendly version of Photoshop may well be a move to attract those “light” users.

Stay tuned for more info.

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