Adobe showcases an impressive MovingStills feature that can realistically animate photographs

During its ongoing MAX 2018 conference, Adobe took a moment to showcase a stunning new feature it’s been working on for the Creative Cloud.

Called MovingStills, it lets users add realistic camera movements to a still photograph, not only moving the camera in the same way a human would, but also transforming the previously still image into a 3D scene.

The whole effect is achieved thanks to advancements in AI, which can intelligently create parallax based on what’s been found in the photo.

MovingStills will also allow you to choose between various camera paths and start and end points for the video. Once selected, the artificial intelligence will be able to fill in all the gaps to create a seamless shot.

Of course, the effect might not always work perfectly (in the same way “content aware” doesn’t always provide ideal results) but if it’s anything like the demonstration in the video above then it’s going to be a huge step forward to filmmakers and photographers alike.

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