Amazon will let other retailers use its cashierless Go system

Image: Amazon

According to a report by Reuters, Amazon will let competing businesses use its cashierless “Amazon Go” system, which automatically bills customers when they walk out the store.

It works using a series of ceiling-mounted cameras and shelf-weight sensors that track customers throughout the store, monitoring what they pick up and put in their basket. The system, which is already in use in 26 Amazon locations across the US, means there’s no need to scan items before leaving the shop.

There will reportedly be a slight change to the system retailers receive. Instead of working alongside an app, like in Amazon shops, customers will instead be required to insert a credit card into am Amazon-branded turnstile as they enter the store.

While Amazon says the system can be installed in a matter of weeks, there are some requirements, such as very high ceilings to ensure the cameras can work. It’s also unclear what the uptake would be, as, although the technology is impressive, there is resistance among retailers to hand over any more power to Amazon.

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