An “edit” button is probably never coming to Twitter, says Jack Dorsey

Speaking on a Q&A with Wired, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey revealed that an “edit tweet” button will not be appearing any time soon. Faced with the question, Dorsey simply replies: “The answer is no.”

The feature has been requested by users for years now, but Dorsey does go on to explain his reasoning: “We started as an SMS, text message service. And as you all know, when you send a text, you can’t really take it back,” he says. “We wanted to preserve that vibe, that feeling, in the early days.”

For those of you who want to cling on to a thread of hope, last year Twitter’s product lead Kayvon Beykpour did say “Honestly, it’s a feature that I think we should build at some point, but it’s not anywhere near the top of our priorities.” So, there is still a very slim chance it will be rolled out, just maybe not until 2050.

You can watch the video interview above.

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