Apple Music reportedly has more US subscribers than Spotify

According to a report from Digital Music News, Apple Music has just overtaken music streaming service Spotify for number of US subscribers.

The Wall Street Journal first suggested Apple Music would take the lead in an article back in February, but now it’s finally happened, with both services reportedly having in excess of 20 million paying customers in the US, but with Apple Music slightly in the lead. While the source of the data is unknown, Digital Music News says it is a “US-based, major distributor.”

While Spotify is still in the lead worldwide, the streaming figures surrounding Drake’s new album Scorpion clearly show that Apple is in a very strong position right now. Spotify users streamed the album 132.4 million times, while Apple Music recorded 170 million streams. Granted, the album was available on Apple Music a few hours earlier, but the numbers are impressive none-the-less.

Now that Spotify has filed to go public, there will no doubt be some more precise subscribers figures unveiled in the coming months.

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