Apple unveils its Holiday “Share Your Gifts” advert

Apple has released a stop-motion advert for the Holiday season which encourages young people to share their creativity with the world.

Named “Share Your Gifts”, it follows a young, creative woman who is plagued with self-doubt and has never managed to open up and share her work. Eager to help out, her dog opens the window to her room and her words fly out into the sky above, eventually fluttering down and landing in the hands of the people on the streets below. The whole thing is set to Billie Eilish’s song “Come out and Play”, which he 16-year-old created using an iMac and iPhone.

On a not-so-Christmasy note, we couldn’t help but notice the bold red Supreme logo on the woman’s MacBook at the start of the spot, potentially marking the first time another brand name or logo has indirectly appeared in an Apple advert. Perhaps there’s some sort of brand alignment going on?

You can watch the video above and the “making of” video below.



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