Artist Alex Chinneck has tied a grandfather clock in a knot

Exclusively for Liberty London, Alex Chinneck has transformed a grandfather clock into a unique contemporary sculpture. Seemingly achieving the impossible, the British artist has twisted the old timepiece and tied a knot in the middle, “breathing new life and eccentricity into an antique object.”

“My two passions are creating sculptures and collecting antiques. [This piece] unties these interests in a playful yet technically complex way. The grandfather clock takes the idea of re-imagining and re-purposing a traditional household item onto another level and we’ve been able to produce a sculptural object which is also a fully functioning time-piece.”

Image courtesy of press.

Titled “Growing up gets me down”, the piece is now on display and available to purchase from the iconic central London retailer. Previous works from Chinneck include a melting wax house and a sliding house in Margate.

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